Berry Blast Muesli

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Flavor: Blueberry, Cranberry, Strawberry, Almonds, Palm jaggery


Craving for sour, sweet, Berrylicious? Must try muesli, made with handpicked blueberries, cranberries & strawberry. Made with no preservatives & No added sugar. Try this fresh flavor to break the monotony.

Enjoy a day full of adventure with delicious Berry Blast Muesli. It’s packed with the best ingredients that have been hand-picked to ensure providing you with a protein-rich Muesli Breakfast. Experience the flavorful taste of berries with every spoon, with chunks of nutritious fruit. This booster pack will keep you feeling energized throughout the day of fun. Must try this Best Muesli for Weight Loss with milk and yogurt.

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11 reviews for Berry Blast Muesli

  1. Neeti Agarwal

    Loved the crunchiness and flavour is so good. Wonderful…

  2. Samarpita Rout

    This one has to be my favourite. Its berry loaded & that palm sugar in it makes it perfectly yum with a perfect taste.

  3. neeti.malik

    Crunchy and flavourful muesli. Love the bits of berry in the muesli. My go-to breakfast option. Everyone should order and try their muesli.

  4. Upasana Mohanty

    Love the Berry Blast Museli . The texture , crunchiness is just so perfect to treat ourselves. Absolutely in love with Milletmantra museli.

  5. Upasana Mohanty

    Absolutely in love with Milletmantra museli.

  6. Rinki sarkar

    I am totally Loved it. I have used this berry museli in parwal ki Mithai. Which is a very famous sweet from north india. And i usually consumed in the breakfast food. Great product and value for money.

  7. chhaya.raghuvanshi

    Love the flavours of berries.
    Crunchy, yummy, tasty

  8. Neeti Agarwal

    Loved the flavour and crunchiness. Perfecfly healthy breakfast option.

  9. aswathy.shibu

    Amazing product, loved it

  10. Jagrity Varshney

    Very Crunchy And Healthy Best Quality Muesli

  11. Sharwari Amod

    Very good product, a must buy item for both kids and elderly people, contains different grains, dry fruits and pumpkin seeds,this is very good option for evening snack as well as breakfast, and a substitute for fast food and oily snacks

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