Diet Muesli


Flavor: Cranberry, Almonds, Black raisins, Apple crush, Honey


Conscious of your calorie count? It is made with honey & apple crush with subtle sweetness. Also it is filled with almonds, black raisins & cranberry to tingle your taste buds.

Loaded with delicious black raisins, almonds, and Cranberries. Millet Mantra’s Diet Muesli contains High fiber and low fat and is free of cholesterol, it’s Healthy Muesli with a low calorie for those who crave a little taste. This bag of muesli is a tasty alternative to all of the healthy breakfasts. Start your day by eating a bowl of muesli, which keeps your stomach fuller for longer and reduces the cravings for food that come in spurts. Combined with skimmed milk and fresh fruits, Millet Mantra’s Crunchy Diet Muesli serves as Low Calorie Muesli yet nutrition-rich meal. Made with premium quality ingredients, this container of muesli must be kept in your breakfast cabinet.

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 25.6 × 8.1 × 18.1 cm

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  1. Poojitha

    Good taste

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