Crunchy Nutty Delight

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Flavor: Nutty almonds, Black raisins, Papaya, Pine apple, Palm jaggery.


The perfect taste blended with the nuts and fruit will relish your mornings for a long day. And it is made with millet flakes with no added sugar.
Just the way you need it!!

About this item

  • Millet Mantra provides you with an assortment of delicious, Healthy Breakfast options which we’re sure for a fact that you’ll enjoy. Crunchy Nutty Delight Toasted Millet Muesli – With Dry Fruits & Nuts. This crunchy, crispy muesli isn’t just healthy, but also delicious! It is Sweetened with Palm Jaggery and Enhanced with the goodness of Oats, it’s an excellent choice for breakfast or snack time. Enjoy the high-quality ingredients inside your Muesli container. You can eat muesli with a bowl of milk and fruits as milk helps it go down better. These tasty and nutritious flakes are great to serve for breakfast, but can also be used as an ingredient in baking that is healthy and nutritious.
Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 25 × 9.3 × 17.6 cm

1 review for Crunchy Nutty Delight

  1. MD Shan

    Good tasty item

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