Benefits of having Muesli

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Benefits of having Muesli

Muesli is a cereal that consists of a base of whole grains and oats. It is a ready-to-eat meal, full of healthy ingredients such as seeds, dried fruits, and nuts. People around the world are having it as their breakfast. It is known to be a versatile whole grain that can be consumed in many ways. One can soak it in water, milk, and juice and can also eat cold. Also, freshen up your muesli with some fruits. The word muesli is derived from a swiss german word mus- meaning mixture. You can buy packets from your nearby supermarket or prepare them at home using dry-rolled oats. 


Muesli for Weight Loss


Nutritional value of Muesli

One bowl of muesli contains-


Protein 8gram
Calories 300
Fiber 6gram
Fat 4gram
Saturated 1gram
Polyunsaturated 1gram
Monounsaturated 2gram
Carbohydrate 66gram
Suger 26gram
Sodium 196mg
Potassium 413mg
Cholesterol 0mg


Your breakfast is the first meal of the day, so you would want to make it a little nutritious as well as delicious. What can be better than having a bowl full of muesli? 


Here are a few reasons to add muesli to your diet- 


  • Loaded with fibers and whole grains

Oats are the main ingredient of muesli which is high in fiber. Due to this, it is filling than its counterpoints. Both whole grain and fiber will help in regulating the digestive system. 


  • Healthier as compared to other cereals

Delicacies and other sugary cereals may be tempting but they won’t benefit you in the long run. Muesli has fewer calories as compared to other cereals and has less sugar. By having it, you are making sure that nothing processed is there in your diet. 


  • Encourages weight loss

People who are fitness freaks usually maintain a strict diet. Sometimes they even have to compromise with the taste. Muesli keeps you full for longer periods so that will eliminate the unnecessary food cravings. Do not add sugar to your muesli if you want to lose a few pounds in less time. 


  • No more weak bones

Muesli is a high source of fibers and proteins which will help in strengthening your bones. Add milk to your muesli to get enough amount of calcium. After this, you will not have to worry about your bone health. 


  • Stay full for long 

Whole grains are not only keeping your stomach in check but also keeping you full for longer. While at work, you will not find yourself craving chocolate after having a bowl of muesli. Oats contain a lot of resistant starch, which takes some time to digest. Digestive acids will be released in your tummy, which will increase your metabolism. 


  • Get yourself some Omega-3 acids

Other than oats, muesli can have nuts like peanuts, pistachio, walnuts, and almonds. These nuts are a plethora of Omega-3 acids. These fatty acids help maintain your heart health, make your skin soft and glowing and thicken your hair. 


  • Good for diabetic patients

When you are a diabetic patient, breakfast is a substantial meal. Eating something healthy will help in keeping your blood sugar levels in control. Add unsweetened muesli with milk to your diet. It will make sure you do not consume an ample amount of sugar, which will control diabetes. 


You can experiment with the timings of eating your millet muesli. There are no fixed rules on when to eat it. While many people prefer to eat it in their breakfast, one can also include it in lunch or dinner. Everybody has a different taste when it comes to food. Some like to have their muesli with milk, while others want to add some flavor. For such different choices, Millet Mantra provides its customers with some exciting products. Go and get yourself this delightful meal. 


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